The Top 20 Supermarket Chains in Angola
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The Top 20 Supermarket Chains in Angola

This report provides the most up to date analysis of the leading supermarket chains in Angola, where the past decade has seen a transformation in the grocery retail landscape. It analyses Trendtype’s proprietary research on the winners and losers in the supermarket sector and what it means for the future of grocery retail in Angola.



– Angola is one of the most developed, and least understood grocery retail markets in Sub Saharan Africa.
– Apart from South Africa’s Shoprite, domestic chains dominate – but there is a lot of change going on as new retailers seek to expand.
– Trendtype believes that high levels of competition will lead to a shakeout of some weaker domestic players.

Key questions answered

– Who are the leading supermarket chains in Angola?
– What share of the market do they take?
– Which supermarket chains are expanding most quickly?
– How do leading chains compare against one another?
– Who are the future winners and losers?

Reasons to buy

– Identify the market leaders in the Angolan supermarket sector.
– Quantify the number of stores, floorspace and position of the top supermarket chains.
– Understand how top supermarket chains compete against one another.
– Assess the size of the supermarket sector and its growth.
– Analyze the market opportunity and future outlook for supermarket retailers in Angola.


Chapter 1 – Supermarkets in Angola
Chapter 2 – The Top 20 Supermarket Chains in Angola
Chapter 3 – Supermarket Store Networks
Chapter 4 – Modern Grocery Retail Floorspace
Chapter 5 – Positioning of Leading Supermarket Chains
Chapter 6 – Supermarket Chains In and Outside Luanda
Chapter 7 – Foreign and Domestic Supermarket Chains
Chapter 8 – Retailer Profiles
Chapter 9 – Key Findings and Future Outlook

Table of Tables

Table 1: Modern Grocery Retail Floorspace (m²) and Share of Modern Grocery Retail Space (%), Angola, 2000-2017

Table of Figures

Figure 1: Modern Retail Channel Definitions
Figure 2: Grocery Outlet Universe by Channel (No. of Outlets), Angola, 2017
Figure 3: Key Data in Modern Grocery Retail, Angola, 2018
Figure 4: Modern Grocery Retail Sales by Channel (% Sales by Value), Angola, 2017
Figure 5: Top 20 Leading Modern Grocery Retailers by Floorspace (m²), Angola, 2018
Figure 6: Top 20 Leading Grocery Retailers in Angola in Context, 2018
Figure 7: Launch of supermarket chains in Angola, by year, 1995-2017
Figure 8: Grocery Retail Market Value ($M) and Retailers (No. of Retailers), Angola, 2000-2017
Figure 9: No. of Stores of Top 20 Modern Retailers, Angola, 2000-2017
Figure 10: No. of Retailers by Store Network (no. of stores), Angola, 2017
Figure 11: Modern Grocery Retail Floorspace (m²), Angola, 2000-2017
Figure 12: Modern Grocery Retailers by Floorspace (m²), Angola, 2000-2017
Figure 13: Modern Grocery Retailers by Positioning, Angola, 2018
Figure 14: No. of Modern Grocery Retailers and Banners, Angola, 2000-2017
Figure 15: Top 20 Retailers Floorspace (% m²), Luanda and the rest of the country, 2017
Figure 16: Store Format of Top 20 Modern Retailers by Floorspace (% m²), Angola, 2018
Figure 17: Modern Retail Diversification (% m²), Luanda and the rest of the country, 2018
Figure 18: Top 20 Modern Grocery Retailers (% m²), Domestic vs. Foreign, Angola, 2018
Figure 19: Grupo Zahara Store Photos, Angola, 2017
Figure 20: Noble Group Store Photos, Angola, 2017
Figure 21: Shoprite Store Photos, Angola, 2017
Figure 22: Refriango Group Store Photos, Angola, 2017
Figure 23: Contidis Store Photos, Angola, 2017